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Black Canyon Gymnastics Schedule



August 12th - September 6th

Closed for Labor Day September 2nd

We will be open Aug. 12th & Sept. 3rd 

(School Closed)

Fees are due the week of August 12th



September 9th - October 4th

Fees are due the week of September 9th



October 7th - November 1st 

We will be open October 11th & 14th 

(School Closed)

Fees are due the week of October 7th



November 4th - December 6th 

We will be closed Nov. 25th-Dec. 1st for 

Thanksgiving Break

We will be open Dec. 2nd

(School Closed)

Fees are due the week of November 4th



December 9th - January 17th

We will be closed Dec. 21st- Jan. 5th

for Christmas Break

We will be open Jan 6th & 7th 

(School Closed)

Fees are due the week of December 9th



January 20th- February 14th

We will be open Jan 20th 

(School Closed)

Fees are due the week of January 20th

  • We reserve the right to cancel, reschedule, or combine classes if minimum enrollment counts are not met.

  • There is an annual registration fee of $30 per student. Siblings will receive a 10% discount on registration and classes.

  • Fees are based on a 4 - week session. If the gym is closed for a holiday, your account will be pro-rated.

  • Fees are due on the first class of each session. There will be a $5 late fee if fees are not paid on the first week of the session.

  • If fees are not paid by the second week of the session, your child (children) will not be allowed to participate.

  • There is a $25 charge for all returned checks.

  •  Discounts do not apply to team members.

  • There will be no Make-Ups or refunds.

  • We will not refund or make-up class for a COVID closure or weather closure.

  • Once enrolled, it is assumed that you will continue from session to session.

  • To drop a class - call before the start of a 4-week session. If you drop in the middle of a session, you will still be liable for payment.

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