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Girls Age 6+

Monday: 3:45-5:15, 5:00-6:30

Tuesday: 10:00-11:30, 3:45-5:15, 5:15-6:45
Wednesday: 3:45-5:15

Thursday: 10:00-11:00, 3:45-5:15

1x  (per 4 weeks) $82.00

2x  (per 4 weeks) $164.00


  All Olympic events will be taught: vault, bars, beam and floor.  Progress reports will be completed every 7 weeks at which times the girls may move up through the levels. The class focus will be on strength, basic body positions and tumbling.

This class is both a recreational class as well as the springboard for girls wanting to eventually begin the USAG XCEL Program.


Fun meets are held for this class every Spring for those wishing to participate.

Girls Sapphire, Ruby, Bronze

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